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In order to determine the cost of SIP Trunking for your company, it is important to understand a couple of SIP concepts.

SIP Trunks – A SIP trunk is simply the connection between your PBX and the Public Switched Telephone Network. Think of it as the container for your SIP channels. While the SIP trunk is necessary, without SIP channels, you cannot make or receive telephone calls on your SIP trunk. A SIP trunk from Net2Phone unlimited channels, and you can also map any number of DID Telephone numbers to the SIP Trunk. Net2Phone does not charge you a monthly fee or a setup fee for your SIP trunk. You can add additional SIP Trunks at any time (common if you have more than one location, a second PBX device, want to segment call detail records. etc.)

SIP Channels – You can think of SIP channels as the equivalent to old fashioned telephone lines. You need one SIP channel for every concurrent incoming or outgoing call. Net2Phone SIP Trunks come with unlimited channels. Your monthly cost for SIP Trunking will depend on how many minutes you use plus the additional services you select, such as phone numbers (DIDs).

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